Mayor Ronald J. DiMura

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Mayor Ronald J. DiMura was elected Middlesex Borough Mayor in November, 2015.

Since becoming Mayor of Middlesex Borough, Mayor DiMura has prioritized “Quality of Life” issues, which includes making sure our Police Department has the manpower and resources to keep our Borough’s residents safe and initiated a property maintenance initiative to help keep our Borough’s neighborhoods clean. Mayor DiMura led the effort to provide the highest standard of municipal services at the least possible cost. Mayor DiMura has advanced initiatives to bring new development to many areas of the Borough and has worked with the Middlesex Borough Board of Education, County of Middlesex and neighboring communities to implement shared service or inter-local agreement programs which maximize public tax resources. Mayor has been responsible for the Borough receiving more than $2 million grants. Mayor DiMura has also developed and implemented numerous projects to improve the Borough’s infrastructure, recreational facilities and opportunities, senior services and other initiatives.

Mayor DiMura began his public career when he was appointed and then elected to the Borough Council in 2010. He served as liaison to recreation, where he was responsible for the Borough receiving a $500,000 grant to improve Mountain View Park. In 2012, he was voted Council President and appointed Finance Chairman. As finance chairman, Mayor DiMura was responsible for establishing cost effective budgets and bringing stability to Borough finances.

Mayor DiMura is a life-long Middlesex Borough resident since his father and mother bought their first and only home on Giles Avenue. An active member of the Middlesex community, Mayor DiMura has been a member of the Middlesex Little League, as an officer and a coach and has been a member of Middlesex Pop Warner, as a coach. Mayor DiMura has also served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, Recreation Commission and the Field development Committee. Mayor DiMura is currently employed as a Senior Mortgage Specialist with 1st Constitutional Bank.

Mayor Ronald DiMura

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